ESR position in integrated quantum photonics

Open call

Planned Start Date: April-May 2017
Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Fiore

Host InstitutionTechnische Universiteit Eindhoven -TUE

The Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics group at the Eindhoven University of Technology (The Netherlands, has an open PhD student position on integrated quantum photonics.

Quantum information processing enables new paradigms for computing and communication, leading for example to new algorithms for solving problems which are computationally difficult (quantum computing and quantum simulation) and to physically-secure quantum cryptography. Photons are one of the preferred physical implementations of quantum bits, due to the long propagation distance, and quantum gates operating with photons are being investigated. Scalability to large photon numbers is however required for practical applications. Our group is investigating integrated quantum photonic networks where single photons are produced, manipulated and detected on a chip. In this framework we have developed a unique single-photon source [1], consisting of a single quantum dot coupled to a photonic crystal cavity, where both the quantum dot and the cavity can be electrically tuned. This allows bringing several cavity-enhanced quantum emitters in resonance with each other, potentially resulting in photon-mediated emitter-emitter interaction.

Project description
The selected candidate will perform fundamental research at the interface between nanophotonics and quantum optics. He/she will conceive and fabricate solid-state nanophotonic devices and small optical circuits operating at the single-photon level. Specific goals include the integration of quantum dot single-photon sources with silicon circuits and the development of nano-opto-electro-mechanical switches for single-photon routing. The project, supervised by Prof. A. Fiore and partially funded by the PICQUE Marie Curie Initial Training Network [2], is expected to bring breakthroughs in photonic quantum information processing, an area of major relevance for the European research agenda [3].

We welcome applications from candidates with a Master degree in physics with top marks and with a background and interest in optics or photonics. Candidates must prove a strong attitude towards experimental physics and the drive and capacity to tackle different aspects of a complex problem with large independence.

Eligibility criteria
Marie Curie eligibility criteria

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Candidates are urged to apply as soon as possible, as selection will start immediately.

[1] M. Petruzzella et al., Appl. Phys. Lett. 107, 141109 (2015)