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Presentation of a PICQUE fellow at European Science Open Forum

Stefanie Barz (ER1) participated in the Talk and panel discussion session with the presentation entitled “The new era of quantum mechanics”Copenhagen, 25 June 2014See programme


Evening lecture to the general publiclight_on_modern_physics_2015
Frascati (Roma), 28 October 2015
Manipolare i quanti di luce verso la tecnologia del futuro
by Fabio Sciarrino, Univ Roma La Sapienza
see video on youtube


Evening lecture to the general publiclocandina2015 evento singolo TELETRASPORTO

Rome, 28 May 2015

The Coordinator Fabio Sciarrino gave a lecture entitled “Esiste davvero il teletrasporto”, together with the philosopher Angelo Cei.



Evening lecture to the general public in a scientific bookshopassaggi-_logo_2_300x139px

Rome, 6 May 2015

The Coordinator Fabio Sciarrino gave a lecture entitled “Questa bizzarra fisica quantistica: dai fondamenti alla tecnologia del futuro” to the public at large in a scientific bookshop. See details on the event


Evening lecture to the general publicOrsitto_2013_Plotter.tif
Frascati (Roma), 26 November 2013
Un cammino nel mondo quantistico:
dai fondamenti della fisica alla tecnologia del futuro
[A journey in the quantum world:
from the fundamental physics to the technology of the future]
by Fabio Sciarrino, Univ Roma La Sapienza
organized by 3rd International Conference Frontiers in Diagnostic Technologies

Participation of a PICQUE fellow to the EuFactor Eventeufactor-prova_900x185-1100x400

Syed Adil Rab (ESR1) participated with a demonstration stand on quantum optics and information at the event EuFactor, which took place in Rome on 31 May 2016.
EuFactor is a project by the European Commission and European Parlament to encourage young students (16 to19 years old) to undertake studies of science and technology in higher education.


In March 2016, Marcello Graziosi (ESR3) took part in the activities organized for the PI-day in the high-school institute “liceo scientifico statale G.B.Grassi”, Latina (Italy). He explained the basic principle of quantum mechanics and photonics to the students, through the board game “Quantum Race” made by the IFN researcher Dr. Fabio Chiarello.


oxopsJoelle Boutari (ESR4) is serving as President of the local OSA student chapter, OxOPS (Oxford Optics and Photonic society).

Public engagements:stargazing

1. BBC Stargazing Physics Department event 16 January 2016


light-fantastic2. Museum of History of Science event: LIGHT FANTASTIC – family event at The Museum of History of Science, 19th March





3. Cheltenham Science Festival 6-9 June 2016 and Oxford Science Festival 25-26 June 2016 in collaboration with the Quantum Hub NQIT

4.  Podcast with Oxford Sparks:lightpart2


Nicola Montaut (ESR6) Helped in organising the ‘Summer Camp 2016’ in the month of July for high school students to demonstrate optical coupling between laser sources and single mode fibres.

immagineOn 30 November 2016, the two PICQUE members Univ. Rome La Sapienza and CNRS participated to the Big Bell Test, a worldwide project that intended to carry out a set of simultaneous quantum physics experiments in 12 different labs around the world. Panagiotis Vergyris (ESR7) took an active part in the experiment at CNRS.