ER5: Integration of on-demand sources into silica based photonic circuits

Closed call – position assigned             


Enrolled Fellow: Thomas Meany
Host Institution: Toshiba Research Europe Ltd – TREL
Supervisor: Andrew Shields
Duration: 12 months

To develop technologies for integrating semiconductor single photon sources with photonic waveguide circuits.
The initial proposal for scalable optical quantum computing required single photon sources, linear optical elements such as beam-splitters and phase-shifters, and photon detection. In this project we will pursue a “hybrid” approach to QIP circuits. We will investigate technologies for integrate on-demand semiconductor sources with Silicon/Silica photonic integrated circuits and detectors developed by the other partners. This will initially be based on fibre optic coupling between components. The possibility of directly integrating sources within passive and active waveguides will also be investigated.

Andrew Shields

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