Chiara Greganti (ESR5)

chiara greganti

Hired at the University of Viennauniwien_full

Duration: 1 March 2014-28 February 2017

Research project: Multi-photon processing using integrated circuits


Demonstrating elements of measurement-based quantum error correction”. S. Barz, R. Vasconcelos, C. Greganti, M. Zwerger, W. Dür, H. J. Briegel, P. Walther. Physical Review A 90 (4), 042302 (2014)Practical and efficient experimental characterization of multiqubit stabilizer states. C Greganti, MC Roehsner, S Barz, M Waegell, P Walther Physical Review A 91 (2), 022325 (2015).Demonstration of measurement-only blind quantum computing, C. Greganti, M.-C. Roehsner, S. Barz, T. Morimae, P. Walther, New Journal of Physics 18, 013020 (2016)

Oral conference contributions and Posters
C. Greganti, M. Roehsner, S. Barz, M. Waegell and P. Walther. Poster presentation. “Minimal Experimental GHZ Test for Characterizing Multiqubit States”, Quantum (Un)Speakables II: 50 Years of Bell’s Theorem, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, 19-22 June 2014.
Short talk. “Experimental demonstration of measurement-only blind quantum computing”, PICQUE Integrated Quantum Photonics Workshop, 7-9 January 2015, Oxford, UK
Oral Talk: Presentation at the Faculty (FÖP), Department of Physics, University of Vienna, 26 June 2015, Vienna, Austria
Invited Talk: “Experimental blind quantum computing”, Workshop on Secure quantum computing 2, University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus), Japan, 5 October 2015.