Nicola Montaut (ESR6)

N MontautUPB Hired at University of Paderborn

Duration of the fellowship: 1 October 2014-31 August 2017


Research projectOptimized sources for integrated quantum networks

Brief profile
I completed my Integrated master’s degree (B.Eng + M.Eng) in Nanotechnology at Amity University India where I specialized in Electronics and Renewable Energy sources.
For my bachelor thesis, I worked on a short term research project at an industry, Thermax Limited, on the topic ‘Anti-reflective coatings for solar applications’.
Following that, I worked on an in-house project on ‘Application of OMS-based structures as supercapacitors’.
I carried out my master thesis at Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg on ‘Investigation of photorefraction in lithium niobate’.

Oral conference contributions and Posters
N. Montaut, H. Herrmann, C. Silberhorn. Poster. “Low-loss fiber-waveguide coupling for PDC-based single photon sources”, PICQUE Integrated Quantum Photonics Workshop, 7-9 January 2015, Oxford, UK
N Montaut. Talk. “Fibre pigtailed PDC-based single photon sources”. PICQUE Bristol Young Scientists Conference, 4-6 April 2016, Bristol UK

PublicationsE. Meyer-Scott, N. Montaut, J. Tiedau, L. Sansoni, H. Herrmann, T. J. Bartley, and C. Silberhorn. Limits on the heralding efficiencies and spectral purities of spectrally filtered single photons from photon-pair sources. Physical Review A 95:061803(R) (2017).N. Montaut, L. Sansoni, E. Meyer-Scott, R. Ricken, V. Quiring, H. Herrmann, and C. Silberhorn. High efficiency plug & play source of heralded single photons. Physical Review Applied 8:024021 (2017).