ESR6: Optimized sources for integrated quantum networks

Closed call – position assignedUPB

Enrolled fellow: Nicola Montaut (ESR6)
Supervisor: Prof. Christine Silberhorn
Host Institution: University of Paderborn – UPB
Duration: 36 months
Expected start date:  May 2014

Fabrication of periodically poled LN and KTP waveguides with low propagation losses
Demonstration of fine control of phasematched frequencies and waveguide dispersion parameters for quantum state preparation
Adiabatic spatial mode conversion for intrinsic stability against misalignments
On-chip wavelength division multiplexing for spatial separation of non-degenerate pair-photons

Tasks and methodology:
Implementation of theoretical models for accurate prediction of device behaviour
Fabrication of integrated devices in the cleanroom facilities of UPB
Linear and nonlinear device characterization and demonstration of source characteristics in UPB’s optics labs

Scientific background:
Sources based on the parametric downconversion process are most established for the preparation of quantum light states. The engineering of integrated sources is key for the progress of quantum communication and information processing systems. The design and implementation of specifically tailored integrated devices for quantum applications require the combination of know-how in the fields of integrated optics, quantum optics as well as quantum information science.

Position Profile:
The position offers the chance of developing novel integrated devices for engineered photon pair generation based on periodically poled LN or KTP waveguides. This includes their design (including several functionalities on a single chip), the fabrication of apt structures in the clean rooms as well as their characterization in the quantum optics labs.

Christine Silberhorn

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