ESR4: Manipulating photons in integrated circuits at cryogenic temperatures

Closed call – position assigned
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Enrolled fellow: Joelle Boutari

Start date: 7 April 2014

Supervisor: Prof. Ian A. Walmsley, Dr Marco Barbieri
Host Institution: University of Oxford – UOXF
Duration: 36 months

The Ultrafast Group is developing components for the next generation of photonic quantum information processors, which could enable powerful quantum enhanced technologies in the near future. As an Early Stage Researcher within the Marie Curie Initial Training Network PICQUE, you will work to develop an integrated, tunable, multi-port interferometer in a silica waveguide chip. You will develop a strain-optic phase control system compatible with cryogenic operation, and will interface single photon sources with the multiport device, as well as superconducting transition edge sensors to enable efficient photodetection. You will develop experimental skills in quantum optics, fibre optics and waveguide fabrication, non-linear optics, cryogenics and photodetection. A secondment to Qutools GmbH in Germany is planned for several months in the first two years, to explore the compatibility of commercial photon sources with an integrated photonic processing architecture. The successful candidate will be registered for an Oxford DPhil.

ESRs must not have carried out their main activity in the UK for more than 12 months in the past 3 years, not have been awarded a doctorate and be in the first 4 years (FTE) of their research careers.

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