ESR5: Multi-photon processing using integrated circuits

Closed call – position assigned


Enrolled fellow: Chiara Greganti

Start date: 1 March 2014
Supervisor: Prof. Philip Walther
Host Institution: University of Vienna – UNIVIE
Duration: 36 months

on chip processing of polarization-encoded photons that are generated from pulsed down-conversion sources
quantum computing applications using multi-photon states on chip

Tasks and methodology:
generation of multi-photon states
efficient coupling of multi-photon in and out of integrated circuits
design of the experimental arrangements

Candidates should be highly motivated to work on quantum optics experiments using single photons and/or entangled multi-photon states. Research topics include: manipulation of multi-photon entanglement for quantum computation and quantum simulation experiments using integrated waveguide technology. The application of interested candidates should include a letter of motivation, a detailed CV and the contact addresses for two references.

Philip Walther
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