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PI: Philip Walther

The research of the Quantum Information Science and Quantum Computation Group at the Faculty of Physics at the University of Vienna concerns the development and usage of advanced photonic quantum systems to investigate quantum effects and their implications for fundamental concepts and applications in quantum information processing.

Ongoing research activities of the group
The group aims to exploit multi-photon quantum systems for the exploration of quantum computers and quantum clouds in quantum networks, as well as quantum simulators capable of providing insight into other quantum systems. We aim to perform experiments in unprecedented parameter regimes by continual improvements in our ability to obtain precise quantum control of complex multi-particle quantum systems.

Research project available for the ESR
The research project is dedicated to improve the multi-photon quantum control on chip. This will be done by increasing the detection efficiencies via the usage of customized superconducting nanowire detectors. In strong collaboration with the University of Jena laser-written waveguides will be designed and characterized for processing polarization-encoded multi-photon states on chip for quantum computation and quantum simulation experiments.

Link to the group page: http://walther.quantum.at/