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PI: Andrea Fiore

The Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE), The Netherlands, participates in this project with the Photonics and Semiconductor Nanophysics (PSN) group, which is embedded in the COBRA Research Institute, a Dutch priority programme in Photonics. The PSN group comprises three full professors, three senior academic staff members, and about 35 PhD students/postdocs. The main research themes are the physics of semiconductor nanostructures and nanodevices, nanomagnetism and quantum nanophotonics, including single-photon sources and detectors. The group presents numerous facilities including epitaxial systems (MOVPE, MBE), scanning-tunneling microscopy, several micro-photoluminescence and photon-correlation set-ups, ultrafast fast spectroscopy, photonic crystal characterization, and low-temperature electro-optical probing of single-photon detectors, including with near-field techniques. Additionally, the PSN group has access to the fully equipped NanoLab@TU/e cleanroom, located on the same campus.

Ongoing research activities of the group
We investigate optical processes in semiconducting and superconducting nanostructures. The ultimate goal is the generation, the all-optical manipulation and the detection of light, down to the single-photon level, for application in quantum information processing, optical communication and sensing. For this purpose, we combine advanced optical characterisation with the design and the fabrication of nanophotonic devices, including quantum dot light emitters, tuneable photonic crystal cavities, and superconducting single-photon detectors.


PICQUE ESR fellow: Giulia Digeronimo

Link to the group page: http://www.tue.nl/psn