ESR10: On-chip single photon sources

Closed call – position assigned

Enrolled fellow: Eoin Murray
Duration: August 2014-December 2015
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Shields
Host Institution: Toshiba Research Europe Ltd – TREL

To develop an on-chip semiconductor single photon source possessing a high degree of photon indistinguishability and is thereby suitable for use in photonic integrated circuits.

Tasks and methodology:
To efficiently collect the photons and route them along the chip, we will process light-guiding structures, such as photonic crystal waveguides, around the quantum dot.
We will integrate the quantum dot with cavity structures, so as to reduce the radiative lifetime and thereby approach a lifetime broadened source. This will enhance the two-photon interference visibility of the source which is crucial for its application in integrated quantum photonics.
We will introduce electrical contacts to allow tuning of the source emission wavelength, thereby enabling interference of single photons from different sources.

Andrew Shields

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