ESR9: Development of integrated single-photon detectors

Closed call – position assigned

Enrolled fellow: Giulia Digeronimo

Start Date: 1 September 2013

Supervisor: Prof. Andrea Fiore
Host Institution: Technische Universiteit Eindhoven -TUE
Duration: 36 months

Integration of efficient single-photon detectors with GaAs waveguide circuits, with high yield
Integration of detectors with filters having 10nm tunability range, and >20dB suppression ratio
Integration of a single-photon source, a tuneable filter and two single-photon detectors
Tasks and methodology:
Superconducting films will be sputtered on GaAs heterostructures and nanowire superconducting detectors will be patterned by electron beam lithography and etching
Filters based on electromechanically-tuneable photonic crystals cavities will be integrated with waveguide detectors
Single-photon sources based on single InAs quantum dots in photonic crystal waveguides or cavities will be integrated with tuneable filters and single-photon detectors

The selected candidate will be responsible for the nanofabrication and optical characterization of waveguide single-photon detectors, and of their integration into functional quantum photonic circuits. Such detectors are based on superconducting nanowires patterned on top of GaAs waveguides, where the absorption of a single photon produces a transition from the superconducting to the resistive state and correspondingly a voltage pulse. After our pioneering demonstration of the concept, we now aim at integrating the detectors into complex photonic circuits. To this aim, we will pursue substantial improvements in the detector design and technology and the integration with waveguide circuits and with single-photon sources based on single semiconductor quantum dots. The project will be supervised by Prof. A. Fiore.

Andrea Fiore
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